Monday, December 21, 2009

So far a wonderful Christmastime...

December has been full of lots so far...

Trevor's performance as a mouse in Clara Barton's "Nutcracker" was critically acclaimed..especially since he reluctantly styed in character after the performance. (And hated every second of the costume, which was a relief to his Dad).

Thanks to his biggest fans, his family, Mayra and her daughter, and Gramma for being in the audience...without you he wouldn't be a mouse.

The annual Emerson Family Balboa Christmas/Boat Parade is one of our FAVES!
Snow in the OC was a Christmas miracle!

Kamryn was in awe of all the lights!! Soo cute.

Little Miss Independent insisted on balancing on the wall as we walked the island.

The gang in our usual spot, hot cocoas in hand, for the parade...the weather was perfect!

Garrett is a huge hot chocolate fan...takes after mommy!!

The boat parade is so amazing, and Kamryn even yelled "Merry Christmas" to the boaters.

We loved getting to see JayJay, too!!

Then back to Aunt Lori's and Uncle Andy's for presents and dessert...YUMMY cupcakes for my birthday!

Disneyland on my birthday for a few hours!! The boys LOVED the Matterhorn...I was a little nervous about it, but they had a blast (although Garrett shut his eyes the whole time).

The kids were THRILLED to see Santa at the ward christmas party...??

And the kids gave us quite a performance!! Good singing!

And Baama got to join us!

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